Autumn is the season that falls between summer and winter. There are many changes that begin in this fascinating season. Days become shorter. Leaves of trees turn from green to vibrant red, yellow and orange. Trees need sunlight to keep their leaves a lively green. Without sunlight leaves turn colors. The grass is no longer blanketed with dew but with frost, almost every morning, as temperatures reach the freezing point. Animals start storing up a food supply to last through the long winter months. These changes occur as we adjust from the heat of the summer to the chill of the winter.




1. Autumn occurs between summer and which other season?

a. January     b. spring

c. winter         d. solstice



2. Which of the following changes may occur during Autumn?

a. days become shorter      b. it becomes very hot

c. days become longer       d. there is more sunlight



3. Why do leaves change color during Autumn?

a. they don't get enough oxygen  b. they don't get enough light

c. they don't get enough water     d. they get too much oxygen




4. What do animals begin to do to prepare for the end of Autumn?

a. store extra body fat         b. eat less

c. shed fur                          d. turn colors

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