Bobby's Big Birthday Party

When Bobby turned six, his mom and dad had a birthday party for him. Twenty of his closest friends joined in the party. Everyone wore birthday hats and had birthday cake. The birthday cake was colored blue and white, which are Bobby's favorite colors.


As the day went on, the children played kickball in the back yard. Bobby played first base, Sally played outfield, and Bobby's dad was the pitcher.


At the end of the party, Bobby asked his parents if he could have next year's birthday at the zoo. His parents agreed and everyone cheered.




1. How old is Bobby today?

a. three          b. five

c. six              d. ten


 2. About how many people came to Bobby's birthday party?

a. five    b. seven

c. ten     d. twenty


3. Which of the following is a color that Bobby really likes?

a. blue           b. green

c. yellow        d. brown


4. What game did the party members play?

a. pin-the-tail            b. hide and go seek

c. baseball                d. kickball


5. What position did Bobby's dad play in the game?

a. first base   b. pitcher

c. shortstop   d. outfield


6. Where could you go to find Bobby's next birthday party?

a. school                            b. the elk's hall

c. the kickball stadium        d. the zoo

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